Friday, May 7, 2010

Defending the Slot-T Part II: The Trap

I covered the 200 series as the time when the players should read backs. However, the most popular series of the slot-t is the 3oo series

The most popular play in the series is the trap. The 300 series begins with a trap motion, followed by two sweep motions. The base play is the TRAP.

Slot-T coaches love the trap. The idea of doubling down and kicking a player out is like music to their ears. The trap will be the first play they try to establish. This play is quick hitting, if done right the play will happen so fast, you might not even see the hand-off in real time.


The slot t uses alignments to their advantage. On the trap the alignment can be very obvious.

You must teach your d-tackles to read the alignment of the guards in relation to the center. In the picture above the left guard widens out to widen the 3-technique out. The right guard tightens his split and moves a foot back. This alignment makes the trap much easier to execute. This alignment makes the trapping of three a simple process. The nose cannot interfer with the guard pulling and the three (by alignment) will not be able to prevent the guard from trapping him effectively because of the spacing the offensive line created.

The first step to stopping this play is to recognize the alignments. The second step is to teach proper technique to the linemen. In this front the nose is in a position to stop this play.

If those nose can feel the down block and spin back into the play he can stop the play cold.

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