Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ready for a Return

I have been wanting to make a comeback for a while (6 Years). When I last posted I was coaching Safeties and now I have been a DC, and most recently a head coach. I don’t know if anyone follows this blog anymore, but curious to see.

Like anything, as you learn more you feel like you know nothing. I have a bit of writers block, if anyone has a topic they would like me to tackle, let me know. Let’s start at home base with something 4-2-5. Reply here or on twitter @Mike_Evans12


  1. Welcome back Coach!

    Writer's block? Perhaps start with something basic.

    What's the biggest change you've come across the past 6 years?
    How do you stop various RPOs?
    Thoughts on stopping Zone runs with double 4i ?

  2. Hi coach. How do you handle a flex pistol team out of 4-2-5? The team we face does midline, outside veer, and a cross buck series (FB backside dive, motion back runs a lead through B-gap and a toss, rarely pull guards). Those are the most common plays at least.

  3. Welcome back, looking forward to your next post

  4. Welcome back, looking forward, always worth reaading!

  5. We are happy to have you back

    Corey Parker
    Head Football Coach
    River Rouge Schools

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  7. Glad you're back!
    How about run fits using 5 defenders to fit 6 gaps?

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