Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

Haven't had time to get a good post together, been busy at work. I wanted to note a a couple things.

#1 TCU Vs Boise

The Boise State offense came out with a good game plan vs TCU. A lot of their motions were designed to change the read side and cause the secondary to move. Change of passing strength is an issue 4-2-5 defenses don't like to see very much, because it forces the WS and SS to change responsibilities. If you are running the D without interchangeable personnel, you are gonna have some trouble.

I liked the post from BROPHY FOOTBALL and the pictures it had from the game. I will discuss a couple of them.

1st Is the aggressive alignment to 32 personnel.

It is 3rd and 1, Boise has put its short yardage personnel on the field. TCU did not make any substitutions. 5 DB's are still on the field. However, they did adjust their alignments and coverages to handle this set. The front 4 are playing base alignment vs double tight (Vs double tight the shade nose shifts to a 2i.) The backers get a slide call from the WS and shift over a gap. The WS plays behind the DE. (I am not sure coverage wise what was actually called, but given the alignment I will discuss what it appears to be.)

On the Read side the SS plays a loose 9 responsible for forcing the ball on run, and taking the 1st route to the flat on pass. The read corner and FS are playing a banjo on the TE and back out. In this alignment the FS is real active, if he gets a run read, he is up into the line filling now. On the away side the corner and WS are banjo-ing the TE and back out. It is interesting to see how aggressive TCU was with this alignment. All 11 players are within 5 yards of the LOS.

2nd is the adjustment TCU made to a special set.

This is technically 11 personnel. However the RB is cheated up in blocking position and can function like a TE with the ability to motion. TCU put the read and away sides in blue (possibly man) The FS and WS cover with the corners. this leaves the SS free in the middle spying the back.

Final Thoughts

As a coach I am reluctant to criticize what others coaches do (especially college) in a game, I am often bothered by the vocal opinions of fans whom don't know the game. But I thought TCU offensively did not try to establish the run. Tucker has shown a lot of promise as a freshman and he only got 1 carry. The TCU coaching staff has done a fabulous job with their team, and I am excited about seeing what they can do.

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