Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robber Coverage Notes

I posted a reply on the Coach Huey boards about Robber Coverage. I will probably put a more detailed post with diagrams in the near future, but here is some more detailed technique on the coverage. This should be seen as a more in depth look at cover 2 (robber) technique from my original post on split safety coverage.

The biggest technique issues are for the the safeties: SS (Flat player) and FS (Robber).

VS Twin WR's


Drop back and break to the flat if #2 releases outside. If number two release vertical past 8 yards, drop to flat and get under #1 and check if there is a back out (#3). If number #2 Releases inside get under #1 now and be aware of #3.


#2 Release vertical, get in slow back pedal, if he passes 8 yards you have him man to man.

#2 Release inside, remain flat footed and read the depth of the release. If he releases under the linebackers, rob under #1. If he release above the LB's cut off and cover him now (think PAP/boot).

#2 Releases out-side. The eyes flash to #1. The key is to read the feet of the #1 WR. Most of the time one of three things will occur.

1. WR will buzz feet. FS Should rob curl to dig NOW.

2. WR will plant and drive at 45. FS Should roll into a position to cutoff the post.

3. WR Continues vertical. This is different from other peoples idea. The FS should flash his eyes to the QB and now "ROB" his eyes. Break on the ball. If the ball is thrown to the other side,break across the middle. The FS can't help the Corner when #1 releases vertical.

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